Generate your reports in a matter of seconds



smartReports automatically extracts, presents and stores data of files coming from different sources and different formats, exactly in the way you need it.

Among other things, smartReports allows you to:

  • Generate automatically real and fully editable PowerPoint reports out of data available in different formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc).
  • Transform and consolidate data coming from different files and in different formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc), and store it in your database in the way you need it.
  • Consolidate data available in multiple excel files with different structure, into an Excel data template.


Transfer your files in a quick and safe way

other solutions


Selim File Transfer (SFT) is an online tool that allows file transfers in a very quick and safe way.

You can host SFT in your own server, and get your files smoothly transferred within your organisation, as well as between you and your clients and suppliers.

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